The Motivation Myth: What You Really Need to Know to Increase Your Motivation

Have you ever had an afternoon in which it appeared you simply could not get began? The alarm goes off and yet there you lie; unwilling to take what looks like the giant step of having out of bed. I even have actually been there asking myself.. What’s this approximately? So, I decided to do a little studies and self-exploration and got here to this end that I want to proportion with you in hopes that it helps you shift your perspective on motivation.

There are many myths around motivation or the dearth thereof.

Let’s begin with some of commonplace questions:

How do I encourage myself?
How do I get motivation?
Why am I no longer inspired?
The Myth: The false underlying premise in those questions is that motivation is missing or you need to do some thing unique to get motivation. In truth, you might agree with that some humans are blessed with the inner fountain of motivation that flows inside them.
The Truth: The fact is you have already got all the motivation you need. Motivation is an infinite renewable aid that exists in you. It does now not run out, it can’t be taken from you, and one character does no longer get more than the alternative.

The Myth: Lack of motivation is the problem. It is the motive of not getting matters finished.

The Truth: Lack of motivation is the symptom. It calls for a deeper information of self-attention to discover the proper motive of now not getting it done.

Think approximately that for a minute. Your next query might be that if you already have all the motivation you need, what’s the hassle? The answer lies for your emotional intelligence (EQ). How are your EQ scores in the regions of self-cognizance and self-management because these two areas are driving your motivation? While I do no longer understand the unique solution to this query for you, I would undertaking a bet that the trouble can be which you are unconsciously making the choice of how and whilst to apply motivation.

Example #1: Each day you rise up and play video games. Your buddies and circle of relatives say you lack motivation. In truth, you are showing a outstanding amount of motivation however you’re displaying the inducement to your preference to play movies and no longer within the areas others have determined are greater vital.

Example #2: You visit paintings every day. It is uncommon which you omit work because you apprehend 1) the return you get from going to work and a couple of) the importance of your function within the paintings you do. You are encouraged to visit work.

Real Talk: Instead of having a lack of motivation, consider that you are selectively making use of your motivation. That can be perfectly ok. It honestly relies upon on you and what you make a decision is essential. Emotional intelligence is set being self-conscious and that includes being honest with your self about what you actually need versus what you say you want.

It is crucial that we begin making use of motivation situationally. As the instance above display, nobody is continually “unmotivated” just as no person is always “prompted”. Compartmentalizing when you are inspired versus not permits you to higher understand what is contributing in your loss of motivation.

So how are you going to assist solve the noise around motivation? Evaluate the 3 key areas under and you can locate which you certainly need to regulate where you engage your motivation energy.

Three (3) Easy Steps for Understanding & Managing Motivation (CUF):

#1 – Clarity- What task or region of your lifestyles requires motivation? More importantly why is this crucial? What will be the effect for you? How will it impact others? Anytime you locate yourself feeling unmotivated, make clear the cause of this undertaking. Is it for you or is it being completed to satisfy others? Get clear on the reason and blessings of why this particular task or area is crucial. This “why” becomes the fuel in your tank. It facilitates hold you targeted and choices you up while you are ready to fall. Your “why” is the using motive for finishing best this mission so make it exact! If you discover this is not truely something you need to do, that requires a exclusive conversation with those conserving you to those expectations.

#2 – Urgency- When do you want to do it? Is it critical that you try this inside the next 2 weeks, within the next 2 years or in the subsequent 10 years. Be actually clean about this component. In order to generate a compelling drive for trade, you have to have a experience of urgency or human nature will take over and we are able to keep to do what we always do. After all, what is the hurry? This is the theory at the back of the five Second Rule by Mel Robbins. You create the urgency for trade after which do not permit yourself the time to create excuses and returned out. 5-4-three-2-1… Do it!

#three – Focus- Now which you understand the what and the whilst, now comes the how. The way to begin transferring yourself is by means of transferring your focus. Simply put, you get what you recognition on. If you want to do something, simply awareness on it. Move it to the pinnacle of your priority list. Think about it actively, begin planning for it, begin doing it, do not allow your self to get distracted from it, and test it each day. Additionally, it have to someway match into your ordinary. If now not, it’ll experience like fitting a square peg in a spherical hole… It simply will not paintings. Finally, create duty structures and partners so that you can not allow your self off the hook. If this is truely a concern for you, make the time and area in your lifestyles, embody the high quality, and get it completed.

There are loads of different techniques I could listing here. However, I consider in keeping matters easy due to the fact it’s far occasionally the smallest moves that create brilliant outcomes.

As you pass forward, always do not forget… You do now not have a lack of motivation, you can best lack the utility of it.

Until subsequent time, all of the satisfactory with residing your maximum super lifestyles!