The Bon Voyage of Mikkelsen Twins to Glory

Being a celebrity is not a small deal. It needs more effort and consistency to build a fort among the public and even on social media. In contrast, before that, every person must travel across several barricades in their initial stage. Likewise, here we are going to look over a story of normal twins who crossed all their struggles well to reach the glory, which is well explained in the

Who are the Mikkelsen Twins?

The New York-born twins are well known for their Audiobooks and podcasts. They are the recent social media personalities who made a great impact on many people’s minds; they believe that passive incomes are something that will keep people’s bank balance with some good numbers and that makes them productive, and it too makes those Mikkelsen twins productive as well.

But this is their success story before they had their hard times, and to know more about it, go for to know well about them.

The Early Stage of Mikkelsen Twins

New york born babies are not good at studies. The underperforming kids are not much interested in studies, not active in sports; basically, they are the shy type and don’t involve in any cultural activities or anything; after that, they just had an idea to shift to Denmark because of the reason they bored off their schoolings.

But in Denmark, they suffered a lot and met the dark faces of life. From starting the addiction to weeds to improper jobs, they felt a lot and went back home with a proper mindset. You can see it through to know well about it.

The Rise of the Twins from the ashes

They spent their livelihood in a couple of years, which taught them a lesson where after that, they studied hard in their new college. But, suddenly, they felt like it was time to earn more and dropped out of college. While working as delivery partners, they are keen to listen to many podcasts related to self-development and more, making them start their businesses.

They had different ideas, whereas Ramus chose dropshipping and Christian chose self-publishing. Self Publishing went well, which intends for twins to work as a combo. It is the starting point; after that, they travel to more countries like Australia, South Africa and more, capturing more wild videos to earn more money.

These are some of the glimpses that you need to know. In detail, just go to to know more about it.