Safety of electric heater in various occasions

The power of the electric heater is based on the air volume and the temperature rise account, which is not advisable to use excessive air volume, too much temperature rise, and heavens due to excessive air volume. Directly cause excessive power of electric heater, add energy consumption. Everglar fortune, temperature rise is not necessary. The outer table of the electric heater should be added to the insulation layer, and most of the power plants (owners) are incubated with the pipeline outlet of the electric heater when using the air electric heater, while the external table of the electric heater is not any room heater
insulation treatment. Adding an insulation layer on the exterior of the electric heater can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 10%, long-term operation, and the energy consumption of energy is considerable. The drop-type electric heater itself is lost, and the air is heated, and the compression is flowed through the inside of the air electric heater. The larger the compression, the greater the energy consumption of the fan, and should be improved, depending on the layout of the air electric heater itself, and the pressure loss occurs is small. The electric heater can better achieve the heat and heat rise of liquid and gas due to long life, and can maintain the problem of requirements. The principle of the electric heater is to use fluid mechanical principles to spread the heat generated by the heat element to the heat, and more preferably to heat the temperature, heat preservation and heating of the medium such as liquid, gas. In order for the security of the equipment to be used in various occasions, the electric heating equipment achieves better explosion-proof design and avoids safety hazards. Electric heater is working, more equipment used in life, such as electric furnace, electric iron, electric iron, electric heater, electric oven, etc. belong to electric heating equipment. The electric heater of the electric heater is made of nickel, chromium alloy, and the temperature is above 800 degrees Celsius or more. Since the power of the electric heater is relatively large, if the user neglects the security, the fire is likely to happen. The reason for the fire in electric heater is to put the power-on electric heater on the flammable material or in the vicinity of flammable, causing fire under long-term high temperature baking; electric heater is not installed, directly The wire head is inserted into the socket, so it is easy to cause a short circuit and fire; if the electric heater does not pull the electric heater, the time is too long, resulting in overheating of the electric heater, and ignites adjacent flammable There is a fire; the resistance is continued multiple repairs, which can cause the line to overload fire.