Reach and Wash Window Cleaning – An Overview

For some ‘Old School’ window cleaners, Reach and Wash London window cleaning is an expression that infers low quality outcomes and by and large being the simple yet incapable strategy for beginners!

Anyway the fact of the matter is altogether different! The Reach and Wash strategy is quickly turning into the favored decision of both the expert London window cleaner and the client who when Health and Safety is turning out to be evermore rigid is many times quick to pick the technique that limits gambles while completing window cleaning.

Improvements in waterfed shaft and filtration procedures Play Poker and new window cleaning pole imply that the quality level being accomplished by Reach and Wash frameworks is over and above anyone’s expectations previously.

General Explanation of Reach and Wash

The fundamental thought of reach and wash is the utilization of an expanding shaft ( typically comprising completely or somewhat of carbon fiber ) that comprises of a few adaptive extendable segments which permits the client to arrive at windows as high as 80ft

The shaft is topped by a great brush head approx 18 – 24 crawls across which has two water jets worked in provided by a hose that runs inside the length of the post and is associated with differently a vehicle mounted water tank, a versatile water tank or in fundamentally private cases a mains water supply ( unmistakably utilized with a Resin Filter to assist with sanitizing the water – favoring this later )

The water is siphoned through the hose and up the post and emerge through the water jets in the brush head under tension.

The fundamental strategy for cleaning is to lean the brush against the ideal window and with the water shooting out utilize the brush to upset the soil on the windows utilizing the brushes fibers to relax the soil and the steady water stream to wash the soil away. as an unpleasant aide 30 – 60 seconds is for the most part adequate for a solitary window relying upon its size.

Reach and Wash work is by and large completed beginning at the highest point of a structure and stirring down to ovoid screwing up currently cleaned windows with soil being flushed of from a higher place.

in a perfect world the region of a structure being dealt with ought to be barriered off to forestall individuals getting wet however overall this strategy is far more secure and frequently undeniably more financially savvy and than working from level like utilizing Eyebolts, Abseiling, or Powered Access.

Water Filtration

To accomplish the best quality with Reach and Wash the water should be essentially as unadulterated as could be expected, Water in the Uk is loaded with minerals and stores which when left on a window will leave Calcium stores, streaks and smeers all around the glass frequently leaving the window looking as terrible as in the past!

The method for forestalling this is by utilizing filtration frameworks that when utilized accurately eliminate these contaminations from the water which permits the windows to dry streak free and as great as conceivable effectively giving a nature of perfect as great as utilizing a wiper however with undeniably less complexities while working at level. Filtration methods will be examined in the following article.


Reach and wash is a viable, effective and safe technique for cleaning windows that all London window cleaning organizations ought to genuinely consider putting resources into as it quickly pays for itself.