Net-Centric Air Traffic Management System Explained

Many years ago we were enjoying the sun and a sandwich on Schiphol’s statement deck at some point of lunch hour while news got here that one of the major airlines there had a new pinnacle government who turned into neither pilot, nor engineer. He changed into a bean-counter! I remember the preliminary feeling of horror and consternation at what returned then seemed nothing short of blasphemy. Of route, inside the years on account that we grew used to the concept that for main an airline or car producer efficiently you did now not always ought to understand the difference among a automobile and an aircraft. You needed to understand the fees concerned in making or running them.

With the aviation enterprise, consisting traffic control company of airlines, dominated an increasing number of by using the need to cut charges to live on, having industrial, instead of engineering skills at the pinnacle regarded certainly an more and more exact idea. If best that they had taught them to recognize fee/gain analyses well!

What is a cost/gain analysis?

Cost/benefit analysis or CBA for quick is the tool thru which managers are given an answer to the query: is there a right go back on investment within an affordable time and what is the risk (of dropping cash) worried? On first sight this sounds like a great component and indeed, used well a CBA is a large assist in making the proper selection.

No new project is commenced in recent times without a CBA… Why do then a number of us flinch when we listen this abbreviation?

CBAs and airspace users

It is well known that airspace users and airways mainly, have a totally quick event horizon… Most things beyond 3 years or so disappear within the fog of the unknown destiny. If an investment does not offer the favored go back within that period, forget about it…

You can divide an aircraft into two elements. Everything to the left of the the front go out is a cost; everything to the right is capacity revenue. This is why airlines (with some top notch exceptions) will spend thousands and thousands on new seats or passenger enjoyment systems whilst leaving the cockpit (you recognize, the bit to the left of the the front door) to fend for itself and commonly get new stuff only when it is virtually unavoidable. Unless safety is without delay concerned but this is every other tale.

The cause for this is simple and it is not the fault of the airways as such. While projects for front and rear ought to have a stable commercial enterprise case (supported by a CBA), it is so a whole lot simpler to make a business case for the brand new seats than it is for air/ground digital hyperlink or ADS-B.

If competition are putting in new seats or new amusement systems, so should we… That link component with the intention to no longer carry cash inside the first 4-five years can wait…

CBA horrors

From the past decade or so, a pleasant series of air traffic control CBA associated horror memories stand as silent warnings for the destiny. We must analyze from those if we want to keep away from the pitfalls within the destiny.

When the CBA is poor – well this should be simple. No move! But many promising matters were thrown away sincerely due to the fact the CBA outcomes have been no longer put into the right context. An investment may be wanted even if it will no longer in itself deliver blessings but it lays the muse of something with a purpose to be hugely useful. The advantage bringing bits were over the occasion horizon…

When the CBA isn’t credible – Thou shall have a CBA for the whole lot… Even for things which might be to date in the destiny that the input records are nothing but knowledgeable, and often now not even knowledgeable, guesses. The result is a CBA that lacks credibility and could be laughed at… Now not a very good begin for any long term undertaking!

When the CBA is high-quality – this should be the aim, the great, secure starting shot for a effective choice. No way! Positive results are generally contested by way of the industry not least due to the fact there had been cases inside the past in which CBA effects were cooked to reveal main blessings… Only to be proven manner out and with out foundation. Defending a fantastic CBA is as difficult as growing one…

The delusion of airspace user response to a high quality CBA – It has been said often that if a proposed project offers a tremendous, credible commercial enterprise case, airspace customers will equip with out a mandate. This is a pleasing notion and I wish it were proper. But it is not. The hassle is, the industry is composed of such a lot of gamers with so many one of a kind enterprise models, device, renewal cycles and so forth, all vying for the equal airspace, airports and services, that there’s no such component as a reputable, high-quality CBA for the complete of the industry. In any given case, some airways could equip, others would put off, nonetheless others could try and wiggle out of the requirement… Every in line with their temperament and instances. A fantastic CBA is not the silver bullet it’s far frequently claimed to be.

The results of the cyclical airline commercial enterprise – Although airways are tons better now in managing the cyclical nature of their business, the increase and bust cycles retain to have an effect on every body. When within the growth and delays grow up, almost whatever that eases the delays could have an excellent enterprise case. The problem is, by the time the cash wishes to be spent, the bust is on us, delays often disappear… With a dead commercial enterprise case because the result.

Vision, strategy and mandate

A fairly senior character at one of the US airlines once said to me when we were speakme about the need to introduce something new to support the future air traffic management paradigm: You give us a mandate and it will be carried out. Otherwise not a hazard in hell.

Airlines tend to appearance on mandates as some thing of the satan himself. With correct motive too, as within the past many things had been mandated that fee the industry thousands and thousands without any return in any respect.

But if a high quality CBA isn’t enough and mandates hail from hell, what is the solution?

How are we able to make certain that the many adjustments required by way of the destiny ATM gadget, maximum of with the intention to have an impact on the aircraft’ “value” side, can in truth be brought in time and throughout the industry?


Vision – airline executives need to realize that refusing to look past their financial fashions is in reality a disservice to the agency. Things now not bolted at the plane these days will come again to bite them in a few years’ time costing a bargain greater. They ought to look beyond the horizon and put money into what is wanted. This may additionally sound like heresy to-day but it must come to be commonplace practice for long term viability.

Faster to market – In aviation we decide upon evolution to revolution… But it isn’t simply perfect to mull over matters (like which facts link ought to we’ve…. Recollect?) for a decade or greater. Nobody will put money into things that end up out of date by the point the choice is made. When the requirement is diagnosed, the answer need to be agreed and advertised as quickly as possible.

Industry method – Many, many air visitors management strategies were written over the years, most of them finishing up on bookshelves with little benefit to the enterprise as a whole. They have been either no longer shared by means of everyone or getting the companions to join up took too long and the factor have become out of date. We must do higher and agree a strategy that covers the now as well as the the following day and beyond.

Agreed mandate – Once the method is there and everyone is aware of what has to be executed (and yes, a reputable CBA has been produced) there have to be a mandate this is agreed by means of most of the people of the industry. The mandate is needed to ensure that all gamers act in unison and that the benefits turn out to be something you possibly can clearly plan on. Voluntary equipage is a nice idea however it does no longer work yet.

Is SESAR and NextGen the solution?

Those even a bit acquainted with america NextGen and the European SESAR packages will comprehend that things like faster-to-marketplace and enterprise method are vital components of these initiatives.

The query is: are they going to deal with the problem of value/benefit analyses higher and is the imaginative and prescient factor any special to-day than it become three years in the past? After all, the trouble with CBA’s isn’t always what they’re however how they’re used. A CBA should assist in selection making but no longer replace decisions…

Is there actual aid for the specified funding or are matters going to disintegrate whilst the time comes to spend the cash?

Both SESAR and NextGen are larger than something ever tried before in air traffic control. But length and complexity alone are no assure for fulfillment…

Learning the training of the past (along with the CBA horrors), know-how the motives for beyond failures and doing something about them in airline and ANSP boardrooms is what gives the great danger for achievement.