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There seems a dispute in between Social Protection Disability as well as Joblessness Payment. In order to get Social Safety Handicap, you need to claim you are “impaired” for any kind of work. Nevertheless, to get Joblessness Payment you have to assert you are “able as well as readily available” for job.

The November 15, 2006 Memorandum from Principal Judge Frank Cristaudo.

The Principal Judge said, “… the invoice of joblessness insurance coverage benefits does not prevent the receipt of Social Protection impairment benefits. The receipt of welfare is just one of several elements that have to be taken into consideration in establishing whether a claimant is handicapped … “As a result, it is SSA’s position that individuals require not choose between looking for unemployment insurance coverage and SS special needs benefits. Nonetheless, application for welfare is proof that the ALJ need to take into consideration along with every one of the medical and various other evidence.

What concerning the claimant that fulfills SSA’s meaning for handicap?

Some sharp Social Security practitioners have suggested a person that mores than 50 that had a previous job background of manual work (which the person can no longer perform) is “handicapped” under SSDI Policies if he or she is now restricted to sedentary job. Hence, this type of person might also get approved for Unemployment Compensation since she or he might still function.

What concerning the complaintant that is limited to part-time work?

An individual that is limited to part time CompTIA CASP+ job “prepares and also going to function,” however can not function permanent and also thus might theoretically receive Social Safety Impairment. If you can refrain from doing full time work, after that you can be found disabled under SS Policies (an individual will be found handicapped if he or she can not do sustained task 8 hours per day, 5 days a week – Social Protection Judgment 96-8p). Given that he or she might search for part-time job, the individual may be able to also get approved for UC.

Each State has its own qualification policies for receipt of unemployment compensation.

Unlike SS, each State carries out a different unemployment insurance coverage program within standards established by Federal legislation. Unemployment insurance are typically for individuals who have actually shed their work through no mistake of their own under State regulation. So each state maintains its own criteria for the receipt of Joblessness Settlement. Some states were minimizing their UC if the claimant gotten SS Special needs. The claimant has to examine the rules in his/her state. As an example, the state of Virginia will certainly decrease the plaintiff’s UC as much as 50% as a result of receipt of SS Special needs advantages as mentioned in Virginia Code 60.2-604.

The disparity in claiming I am “fit and also able to work” to the Joblessness agency and also stating “I am impaired” to Social Protection.

Numerous Social Safety Juries that I show up in front of will immediately invalidate a plaintiff who has gotten on Unemployment Payment. They will certainly assert the claimants who are obtaining joblessness settlement are merely “not credible” when they also obtain special needs. These judges might just be misleaded because of the above memorandum by the Chief Social Security Court.


Because of the above one can securely say the following: (1) Social Safety should not forbid you from filing for handicap benefits just because you receive joblessness settlement; (2) a Social Court is not intended to deny your claim based “exclusively” on the fact you obtain joblessness payment; (3) a Social Protection Court may utilize your receipt of joblessness compensation as one of the factors in refuting your claim; as well as (4) your Unemployment Payment agency in your state may decrease your unemployment benefits if you obtain Social Protection Handicap advantages.