How to buy incense

Incense is a natural way to add a scent to your home or workplace. Good quality incense has no harmful chemicals. This is not only healthier but also gives off a more pleasant scent Räuchermischungen Onlineshop.

Incense has another advantage: it produces a faster effect than other methods of air freshening. This is primarily due to the fact that it is burned, and smoke tends to stay in the air longer than liquid fresheners. The smoke is not more harmful than barbecuing, so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your health.

There are many kinds of incense, but the most popular is from India and Japan. There are many differences between the two. Indian incense has stronger and more intense smells with more emphasis on spice and floral, while Japanese incense is more subtle.

Another difference is that Indian incense can be rolled onto a stick that can be stuck into any foundation, like a pot of plant, while Japanese incense must always be supported by a stand/burner.

Personal preference for Indian incense is Shrinivas Sugandha Aya of Bangalore. Nag Champa is their most well-known scent, and it happens to be Bob Dylan’s favorite. They make hundreds of scents. This company guarantees high-quality incense.

Beware! You should avoid buying cheap, stale incense. It is very expensive to buy quality incense. Avoid all brands and do not purchase anything in dollar or grocery stores. Flea markets and new age bookstores are good places to find incense. You can also try eBay if you are unable to find one locally.

Punk incense is a type of incense that you should avoid. This is done by dipping punk sticks that are meant to light fireworks into fragrance oils. This stuff is a terrible idea. It will make black smoke and not smell good. You should be wary of any product that is marketed as hand dipped. It could actually be punk incense. It must contain essential scents of glue and sawdust. Do not buy it!

Enjoy your scent!

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