How Much Thick Air Track Do You Need?

Do you think it is the best time to buy an air track for practicing? Maybe it is not the best before knowing about some basics. In this article, you will know some brief and basic things about an air track that will ease your shopping.


Air tracks are an extremely variable thing that you will ever buy in your professional life as an athlete, gymnast, or acrobat.So, you have to determine how much thick air track you want. Generally, air tracks are of 10 to 20 cm. It all depends on your weight and the exercise you will do.

Age and Weight

Most of the time, age and weight are directly proportional, but there are still many cases where young people have more weight than older ones. But in gymnastics, it is extremely rare because everyone is as fit as he should be. That is why we have kept both of them in the same heading.Anyways, if you are younger and lighter, then go for a 10 to 12 cm thick air track. Never go for more than 10 cm before 12 years of age.


If you have to do high jumps, you have to go for thicker air tracks, maybe 20cm or more (if available). But for yoga and other grounded exercises, 15 to 18cm air track is well and good.


Now, you have determined the thickness. But do you from where you can get this much variety in thickness? Don’t worry; we have got Kameymall for you. So, please test it and then tell us about it!