Empower Yourself With the Here and Now: End Your Mental Suffering With Spiritual Enlightenment

Your own decisions decide your future! Let me tell you a story, which illustrates how the ripples from a single simple decision can change the lives of many and the ripple effect, will continue for ever.

Once upon a time there was a young teenage boy who unlike his peers had avoided having to start work on his fourteenth birthday by being awarded in the face of much competition a scholarship to a school with an excellent record of their pupils becoming graduates of an internationally recognized university.

However, all wasn’t well as he struggled to a course in miracles authors be accepted by his fellow students whose parents were paying for their education. He had not seen his father who was a prisoner of war for a couple of years and he dearly wanted to play his part in the war.

One morning on his morning paper round he saw an advertisement on one of the papers, inviting boys to become army apprentices and with the wisdom of his age he decided this would answer all his problems.

Some four years later, fully trained as an army technician and serving a three-year overseas tour of duty he started a pen pal correspondence with a young lady who later became his wife.

Recently talking to one of my grandsons about the ripple effect of our decisions I told him this story and how his very existence was decided when I read the advertisement and made my decision to become an army apprentice.

This little tale illustrates the powerful results flowing from our decisions and the need to let our hearts souls and minds together with our gifts be central to our decision-making if we wish to decide our own destiny.

Have you been into your heart soul and mind and endeavoured to develop the gifts which enable you to be, wise, strong and determined?

Whilst being wise, strong and determined have you also looked into your heart, soul and mind and endeavoured to develop the gifts which enable you to be, humble, loving and compassionate?

Are you a person who whilst being wise, strong and determined and being humble, loving and compassionate can still be happy and enjoy every moment of your life?

Aspiring to accept and develop these gifts is the corner-stone of self believe or faith in yourself and your ability to decide your future.

Of course your decisions to decide your own future are always subject to the vagaries of fate or as I like to think, subject to the grace and accord of our creator.

This is the seventh article in a series related to Spiritual Enlightenment, so prepare yourself and be responsible for the decisions which will affect the rest of your life.. Bye for now. Paul aka Arlen